May 2018  
Upcoming Events


Sunday Services..Doors open at 8:15 am
8:45 AM to 11:30 AM
8:45a.m. Coffee and Goodies for all

9:am Sunday School for children. Jerry Stroupe & Betsy Graves.
Two adult classes to choose from. Roger Choate and John Conser
Sunday Morning Youth Group presented by John Peralta.

10:00 Coffee,Tea, Lemonade,Goodies for all

10:30 am Praise and Worship... The Book of John
Kids Church is offered at this time
Child care provided

6:30 pm The Book Of Acts
Presented by Steve Medeiros


Wednesday Service Worship and Study Lesson
6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
"Everything you wanted to know about Heaven and Hell but were afraid to ask"... Discussion, small group ...taught by Pastor Steve
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Purchasing Guidelines & Forms

Financial Do’s and Don’ts for Ministry Leaders and Workers




What are appropriate reimbursements?

Ask a staff pastor, or specifically the Minister of Administration, if you have any questions about appropriate reimbursements.


Assume you will be reimbursed if the purchase has not been requested or authorized by your Ministry Leader or a staff pastor.

What form do I use?

Use the current form when you are making a request for approval or reimbursement. These forms can be found in the church office or at


Assume you have the current form that you need. These forms are reviewed at least annually and are sometimes updated more often.

When do I need prior written approval?

Get written approval prior to purchase for items valued individually or collectively over $100. You can obtain appropriate forms on the church website or in the church office. Obtain authorized signature before purchase.


Make purchases over $100 before receiving written approval from the church. You can obtain appropriate forms on the church website or in the church office.


Can I combine church and personal purchases?

Obtain separate receipts for church purchases and personal purchases.


Mix church and personal purchases on the same receipt if you plan on asking for reimbursement or a tax deduction.

Can I give a gift card?

Feel free to give gift cards paid for by you personally to anyone you choose, for any reason you choose, at any time you choose.


Feel obligated to give a gift, including a gift card, to a church employee or volunteer.

May I be reimbursed for a gift card?

Limit requesting reimbursement from the church for gift cards. If you do use them, give them as door prizes, for example, or to people to whom you are ministering, not as a reward for work done by an employee or volunteer. Otherwise taxable/non-taxable, volunteer/employee issues arise that are better to avoid.


Request reimbursement for gift cards used to reward volunteers or employees. The IRS considers gift cards the same as cash.

·        Giving gift cards paid for by the church to employees makes it taxable income to them.

·        Giving gift cards paid for by the church to volunteers means we are paying them for work performed, which might make them employees, not volunteers.

What kind of gift can I give?

Give de minimis gifts (gifts of small or insignificant value) as a way of showing your appreciation to someone. The IRS has not specifically defined de minimis in dollar terms. However, such things as flowers, a meal, and a turkey at Thanksgiving have been ruled in this category. Gift cards have been specifically excluded.


Give extravagant gifts to employees or volunteers. Not only will the church not reimburse you for such gifts, it may become a taxability issue for the recipient.

What about using the military commissary or exchange?

If you have military commissary or exchange privileges, feel free to make a purchase there and donate that purchase to the church. The problem arises when you request reimbursement from the church for such a purchase.


Request reimbursement from the church for items you purchase at a military commissary or exchange. You have the privilege of making purchases there, but the church does not, so using church funds for such purposes is inappropriate.